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We use state of the art truck mounted hot water rinse extraction cleaning equipment (steam cleaning). Only the cleaning hoses and wand enter the building. The noise stays outside. All traffic areas and spots are treated prior to cleaning. Hot cleaning solution is injected in the carpet fibers and immediately vacuumed out removing the dirt and most stains. After cleaning we pile brush the carpet to remove the cleaning strokes and leave high traffic areas standing tall for a smooth finish. We very recently purchased this new piece of equipment and are one of the few cleaning companys whose equipment and cleaning materials have the carpet manufacturers gold seal of approval for use in carpet cleaning to maintain the warranty on new carpet installs.   Use of equipment and materials not approved may void the warranty. The consumer site www.IICRC.org (newsroom press releases) provides more info on this topic. This equipment is also used to clean furniture and ceramic tile.

One of the main complaints I hear from clients is "the last guy left my carpet real wet. It took forever to dry".
This should not happen.
Although temperature, humidity and the weight of the carpet all contribute to dry time, my cleaning most usually dries in 12 hrs and always in 24 hrs. An exception may be a spot or area where there was a special need for extra wetting. Proper use of the cleaning wand and properly maintained equipment prevent overwetting. Ask to see the inside of the work area of a carpet cleaners van before they start. If it is clean and orderly you will probably get a great job.
If NOT, Well?
If they take care of their own equipment they will take good care of your carpet, too.

Encore Carpet Cleaning has . . . . . the most value and innovation per your dollar spent. The cost is by the square foot and is currently .30 cents per square foot. Call for pricing on commercial projects.        503-653-5256


One of the benefits of carpet is that it behaves like a filter pulling dust and allergines out of the air making the air cleaner to breath.   Vaccuming regularly helps the carpet do its job.   Over time the carpet becomes overloaded and needs professional cleaning.   Our experience shows our cleaning removes nearly all allergins.   Clients with animal allergies have experienced immediate relief after our carpet cleaning.

We would like the opportunity to serve you with a clean floor in you home.

    Schedule Encore cleanings once a year. 

When it comes to cleaning,  Encore Carpet Cleaning delivers the same expert service that hundreds of other customers have grown accustomed to over the years.   So grab your phone and put us to work.  



Clean, Protect & Preserve

We are able to ensure that our  clients receive the best service while maintaining commercial and residential buildings that are clean and safe.

    You can put your trust in Encore Carpet, Tile & Upholstery "cleaning services".   We are family owned and operated.   We provide you with personal service and exceptional quality.   All of our services and products are guaranteed.   We have been in business since 1982.   Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else.

    We look forward to serving you!

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Upholstery Cleaning               at it's best!

    Located in Gladstone, Oregon, "Encore Carpet Cleaning" is known for a comprehensive selection of residential and commercial cleaning and care services. From expert upholstery "cleaning services", ceramic tile, to carpet cleaning, we are able to ensure that our clients receive the best service while maintaining commercial and residential buildings that are clean and safe.

    We offer `professional upholstery cleaning` that includes testing the fabric for response to cleaning, extracting the soil or stain from fabric, professional spotting, and more. In addition to our professional services, we encourage clients to maintain their own `carpet and upholstery cleaning` whenever possible. This ensures that their furniture will have the best life span.

    The average 3 cushion couch is $75 and a love seat is $65 but furniture comes in numerous configurations so please call for pricing.



    Norm Hall and his wife own Encore Carpet Cleaning and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Invite us in today and you will be asking us back for an Encore repeat performance!

    If you're looking for good old fashioned integrity and quality, you've found it

    Our company is your best source for professional, value driven low cost service.

    We have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. We are able to provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent.

    We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided. 

    I have been in business for 30 years and have had many hours of classroom training. As with any trade there are nuances that are only learned thru experience to arrive at the desired results. Being passionate about doing the best job possible, using the best cleaners available and keeping my equipment in top shape guarantee you will want ENCORE back!

    The most common comment is

"Wow! It looks almost new".

Call today for an appointment at              503-653-5256                    or e-mail: encorecarpetcleaning@q.com


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